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An outsourced call center won’t fix this!

An outsourced call center can solve many problems, but not these!Companies generally outsource their call center services in order to save money and at the same time hopefully improve the quality of their customer service or technical support. With an exceptional call center, everything should go according to plan.

However, sometimes things don’t go anywhere near the plan, even with the best call center on board. No one wins. The company feels let down. Customers don’t get the service they deserve. And the call center is unable to meet the service levels to help it build a solid reputation and bring in more clients.

Where did things fall apart? If we assume that a proper call center was indeed selected in the first place, the problem will often be rooted in either product quality, or the level of communication between the company and its call center.

Outsourcing Your Call Center Won’t Fix a Product Quality Issue

We know it seems obvious, but it’s been the underlying cause of all too many customer-service or tech-support issues. When a product simply doesn’t work well, callers’ questions remain unresolved, customers get more and more frustrated, and unhappy users call back over and over and over without ever feeling satisfied or cared for. A great call center can work wonders in building customer trust and loyalty, but no call center can build loyalty to a product that just doesn’t do what it promises to do.

Even the Best Call Center Needs to Communicate with the Client

Outsourcing your call center does not mean closing the door to customer service and tech support issues. The call center needs to be kept up to date on product changes or issues, as well as the latest policies or promotions. Just as important, they need to be able to keep the company abreast of new issues as customers present them, and get immediate feedback from the people who use their products and keep the company growing. When communication between a company and its call center falls down, it won’t be long before customer communications start to tumble as well.


Planning to outsource your call center operations? Congratulations! A great outsourcing provider can turn your call center into a profit center. But truly understanding the issues that you face with your current operation will help you make an informed decision, and to find a solution that is truly a solution, rather than just a new place to wrestle with your current customer service challenges.



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How to choose a call center: getting started

GREAT MAZE LONGLEAT © 2007 Simon ‘Kelp’ Keeping | more info (via: Wylio)
Few business decisions have as much potential to revitalize your customers’ impression of your company as choosing a call center. A great call center can quickly transform the way people think about you and your products, helping them resolve difficulties and allowing you to build brand loyalty. With so many surveys showing customer service to be even more important than price for consumers and especially businesses, you need the right call center on your side.

However, choosing the best one for you and your customers can be a real challenge. There is a dizzying mix of options available today. Do you need an in-house or outsourced call center? Inbound or outbound? Offshore or nearshore? Shared or dedicated? And once you’ve determined the type that works best for you, how do you decide which of two seemingly identical centers will be the right fit for you?

Good questions. We’ll explore the more detailed elements in another post, but first let’s make sure the basic terms are clearly understood. It’s time for some good answers…
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