Call center outsourcing for the insurance industry

Outsourced call centers can help deliver a competive advantage in the insurance industry

Outsourced call centers can help deliver a competive advantage in the insurance industry

In the past few years, insurance industry contact centers in North America have enjoyed a remarkable leap in consumer satisfaction ratings. In fact, according to CFI Group‘s Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2009, this sector “led by impressive gains in CSR satisfaction, high issue resolution and low perceived offshore service. Insurance CSRs score 86, putting them among the top of all industries measured.  The industry improves 5% from 2008 and a whopping 16% since 2007.”

Those are impressive numbers, and they demonstrate that call center standards for the insurance industry are among the highest anywhere. And that makes us even more proud when we say that Tacamor is meeting or even exceeding those expectations.

Experienced Insurance Call Centers

Tacamor is an outsourced customer service call center provider in Canada’s insurance industry. As part of this work, we handle incoming customer service issues such as billing inquiries, renewals, cancellations, and refunds, and outgoing calls to set up medical interviews for new accounts. A particular area of focus in this work has been customer retention, turning imminent cancellations into loyal customers, and turning our call center into an exceptional profit center.

Paying attention to those details has helped Tacamor establish ourselves as an exceptional call center outsourcer for the North American insurance industry. However, there are other aspects of our business model that also contribute to our success, and one of the most important of these is our status as a nearshore outsourced call center provider…

Nearshore Call Centers

Consistent with the survey results mentioned at the start of this post, Tacamor operates only nearshore call centers, with all our agents based in Canadian contact centers. This gives us several advantages in caring for our clients:

  • Our agents speak with a neutral English voice, although we also offer multilingual service in several languages.
  • Our agents are in North American time zones, making it easy for your customers to reach a friendly voice, and for your executive team to meet ours or visit our centers.
  • Fitting the image of friendly, helpful Canadians, our agents are exactly that! We take pride in the exceptional quality of CSRs, and are confident that you’ll be impressed too.
  • Our agent retention rates are exceptionally high, meaning your customer service team will be around long enough to build intimate familiarity with your offerings and policies.

Insurance has always been an exceptionally competitive field, and as the industry-wide standards of service continue to rise, it becomes more important than ever before for each company in the field to offer a level of customer service that actually becomes a strategic asset. Tacamor delivers at that level.

If you seek an outsourced insurance call center to not only deliver great service but to actually create a competitive advantage, talk to Tacamor.

Tacamor call centers are ready and able to be your company’s profit centers.

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