23 little ways to love your work more

Love Coffeephoto © 2006 Ahmed Rabea | more info (via: Wylio)Work can be a drag, and when things there just don’t feel right, some people say they won’t put anything more into a job until they get more out of it. Unfortunately, that’s about as ineffective as saying we won’t put another log on the fire until we get more heat out of it.

We need to look at it from a completely opposite perspective. The more we put into our careers — or anything else in life for that matter — the more we’ll get out of it and the more we’ll enjoy it. The challenge sometimes is finding how to do that in ways that will be engaging and enjoyable, and not take up a lot of time. Just putting in more hours is not likely to make you or your family love your work more.

So most of these suggestions will focus on baby steps: little things you can do in just a few minutes here and there to make your workday more enjoyable. Here are 23 ways to love your work!

  1. Smile more.
  2. Each day, tell at least one coworker something that you sincerely like about him or her.
  3. Always be honest.
  4. Organize a group of people in your office to redecorate the office or brighten one area.
  5. Organize a group of people in your office to clean up a playground, help out a local charitable group, or get involved in some other community project.
  6. Have a special day for one lunch time each week or month, where you all bring in one type of food to share, or set up teams to compete for the best barbecue.
  7. Look for some way to add some kind of physical fitness area to your workplace, whether it’s a basketball hoop, treadmill, ping-pong table, lawn darts, lawn bowling, or whatever your own interests may be.
  8. Try hard to understand and like a key customer.
  9. Focus on caring for your customers or clients, not selling them more stuff.
  10. Once a week, arrange for someone to write a short article or bio about a person in your company, or a key customer or supplier.
  11. Arrange a weekly or monthly Lunch-n-Learn so that everyone can bring their lunch or pitch in to cover the cost of pizza while hearing a presentation on topics of interest, maybe related to work or maybe not.
  12. Organize a family fun day or kids day once or twice a year, complete with games and barbecue or pizza.
  13. Plan yoga or Tai Chi classes, and see if the company will fully or partly cover the costs.
  14. Hide Easter eggs or other treats around the office on days when it’s not expected. Don’t tell anyone you’re the one doing it.

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