How to care when you don’t.

'bad hair day' photo (c) 2007, EvelynGiggles - license:’ve had a bad day. The alarm didn’t work. The cat threw up in your shoe, and you don’t own a cat. Hey, you don’t even own a shoe. The car wouldn’t start. The crowd all cancelled out on the big lunch you’ve been planning for weeks.

And now you’re faced with someone who is complaining — and complaining and complaining — about your company. You know you should be listening better and being more supportive, but your heart just isn’t in it.

How do you get yourself focused and caring, when you really just don’t want to? Here are six ways to turn your heart around:


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Enhance your family time with these customer service techniques.

'Family Golf - Evening View of Golf Ground' photo (c) 2008, Grand Velas Riviera Maya - license:, family time. Laughter around the dinner table. Excited chatter as you all head out on family outings. Tender moments as you watch a favorite movie or make plans together. Don’t you wish every day could be family day?

Unfortunately, family times are actually often a lot less enjoyable, or even bearable. Far too often, our times at home more closely resemble rushed encounters as we each dash in and out at mealtimes, and arguments as everyone tries to get in the last word.

Many of the commitments that we face are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean the conflicts have to be. We’re not supposed to bring our work home with us, but sneaking home some tried-and-true customer service techniques can bring about some pretty dramatic improvements in how we relate at home. Here are four steps to brightening family time with some good old-fashioned customer service:

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