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Customer service may save online retailers $44 billion in lost sales

66% of frustrated online shoppers turn to a customer service department for support

66% of frustrated online shoppers turn to a customer service department for support

If you’re selling products or services online, it should be no surprise to you that a good customer service call center can reduce lost sales. It can even pull back departing customers before they leap off the ledge of despair, into the waiting arms of your competitors. However, a recent survey by Tealeaf gives us a better glimpse of how much online transaction problems are actually costing… and how much money your good customer service can save.

As this is written, the sun is rising on Black Friday, the biggest day of the year for many retailers across the United States and elsewhere as well. Cyber Monday will follow in just a few days, with Websites poised to pull in huge sales figures from buyers around the world. According to the survey though, for millions of shoppers the experience will not go as planned.

To give some background, the survey found that 66% of online adults had bought something online in the past year, and 56% had conducted financial transactions such as managing a bank account, paying bills, or investing in the stock market. Some 17% had conducted online insurance transactions. So these are consumers who know how to shop and spend online. And many of them are not happy.

The ultimate cost of lost sales

The survey results stated that transaction problems on retailers’ Websites may have cost those companies sales totaling an incredible $44 billion or more, in the past year alone. However, something the report doesn’t mention that we find just as staggering is that these billions of dollars were not potential sales way out there in the marketplace that maybe companies could have found. Instead, these were fistfuls of dollars that consumers had already decided to spend. People had gone online, made buying decisions, and actually tried to spend that money with those businesses, only to find problems on the Websites that kept them from handing over the dollars. Marketing had developed ad campaigns or promotions that worked, the company had probably spent many thousands or even millions of dollars to bring those customers onto their Websites, and the order was just about to happen. But suddenly a problem with the Website experience flushed the entire investment away.

To make the situation even more tragic, Rebecca Ward, CEO of Tealeaf, noted the potential for lost revenue can now even be amplified, since people can vent or broadcast their frustrations through social media like Facebook and Twitter. “The ‘echo chamber effect’ caused by frustrated customers who voice their displeasure on social networks can significantly damage an organization’s reputation,” she said.

Your customer service call center can save the day

The survey results note that a full 32% of the frustrated shoppers abandoned the purchase altogether, with most of them then going to competitors instead. However, there is actually some good news at this point… potentially. The report points out that when consumers run into problems while buying online, 66% of them will contact customer service, most notably by telephone, although email and Web chat are also regularly used. That contact gives online retailers the chance to gather incredibly valuable information from the customers:

  • What exactly are they trying to do?
  • What is frustrating them?
  • What would they prefer to see on your Website instead of your current purchasing process?

Best of all, a well-prepared customer service call center can pull back the lost sale and turn it into revenue for you rather than your competitors. Amazingly, this can even help create greater customer loyalty than if the shopper had never encountered a problem in the first place. Don’t look at this as a marketing strategy though! Repeated frustrations will eventually dim the chances of success for even the most impressive customer service team.

Save money even if it means spending money

It’s worth the investment to get your customer service on track. Consider your call center as the intelligence-gathering arm for your marketing and Web development teams. And definitely nurture them as the best chance you have to pull back those lost sales. You may very well find that your call center can even be a profit center for your company. That’s a situation that leaves everyone happy, and your revenues growing.

A Call Center Thanksgiving

Call centers in the United States and around the world have lots to be thankful for!

Call centers in the United States and around the world have lots to be thankful for!

In homes all across the United States, people this week are planning their Thanksgiving dinners, preparing to travel or bring in family from away, and plumping up the pillows on their favorite chairs in advance of some great football. So we thought this would be a perfect time to reflect on some of the things for which we at Tacamor Call Centers are most thankful. Of course, this list could go on for a long, long time, but we’re going to focus on just the top few items. Also, these are the things that make us happy, so they may or may not be the same things that make you or other call centers smile. So feel free to suggest your own thoughts at the end, to which we would say… thank you!

Great clients

At Tacamor, we are extremely thankful for the companies we have the pleasure of serving each day. They are literally the reason we’re here, but they’re also why it’s fun to be here. We don’t just represent great companies; we represent companies we like, filled with people we’re privileged to know, all selling products or services that make their users even happier. How could anyone not be thankful for that?

Great call center staff

We know that pretty much every call center, and every company for that matter, says thanks for their staff. But our staff is so great that even our clients — and our clients’ clients! — thank us for the nice people we have here. That means a lot to us. It’s that kind of genuine care that has allowed Tacamor to become such an exceptional multilingual outsourced customer service call center. Yes, we’re a great outsourced technical support call center too. We’re also even a 24-7 call center. But there was no way we were able to squeeze all of that into one sentence!

Small-town Canada

Remember those Norman Rockwell paintings from years ago? The happy faces, cozy homes, warm summer days and crispy clean winter nights? It’s easy to feel like you’ve stepped into one of those scenes when you see where Tacamor Call Centers have put down roots. Most of our agents live in those small-town settings, and their genuine charm and joy of living can be felt right through the phone. It’s one of the many reasons we’re proud all our operations are Canadian call centers… and very good ones at that!

Great technology

Yes it’s wonderful to have friendly staff and happy customers, but ultimately we’re here to help our companies run their businesses efficiently and profitably while caring for their customers. And no one takes care of that side of things better than Tacamor. We have employed cutting edge telephony and computer technologies, high-speed, high-bandwidth Internet connections, the finest real-time call center monitoring capabilities, and top security systems and processes. Add some great management expertise and the staff we already mentioned above, and you’ve got Tacamor Call Center. We even ensure our clients can monitor and track their outsourced customer service and technical support operations with greater ease and control than if they were running it all in house. The fact that we can do all that for less cost than those companies would probably have been able to do it in-house is just the icing on the cake… or maybe the gravy on the turkey.


So there you have it. For all these things and so many more, everyone here at Tacamor Call Centers is extremely thankful. Whether you’re indeed looking for a Canadian call center, or already have your call center needs met — or even if you have no interest in call centers at all — we wish you a great time together with friends and family, and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

What broke customer service? What are four ways to fix it?

Customer service is broken. Any customer or agent knows that. What can fix it?

Customer service is broken. Any customer or agent knows that. What can fix it?

In theory, customer service is easy.

In theory.

“Care.” That’s all there is to it. Just care about the customer and the business. Politely solve people’s concerns or frustrations quickly; make sure they’re satisfied, and then move on to the next customer. Easy, right?

Yes that’s the theory. But in reality, everyone ever involved on either end of customer service knows it’s seldom anywhere near as easy as it should be. What has gone wrong?

  • First there are the automated systems that make it next to impossible — and sometimes literally impossible — for the customer to reach any real person by phone or in person. Poorly implemented technology turns frustrated customers into seething cauldrons.
  • Next there are the policy manuals bigger than most monster trucks. In some companies employees have trouble learning all the steps that go into completing a product return or exchange in some places. Say a prayer for their customers.
  • Then there are the limited budgets for hiring, training, and doing whatever is necessary to repair or replace a product, or resolve a service issue. The resources are just not there for some customer service departments to properly care for their customers. Some companies respond by outsourcing their customer service to low-priced offshore call centers with language or cultural differences that only heighten customers’ frustrations.
  • In many companies, permanent workers have been replaced or rehired into contract or temporary positions. All too often, that means their paid vacations, sick days, health insurance, and other benefits are all toast. Add the pay cuts that often are part of the package, and you suddenly have a work force that is understandably just not that motivated to care for the company or its customers.
  • After all the frustrations from past experiences and even similar circumstances in their own jobs, many customers walk in already feeling defensive and rude. That will of course only make a smiling salesperson or customer service representative harder to find. Customers who don’t complain effectively are not likely to get any happier.

It’s a volatile mix. Employees with not enough training or resources, working for companies they feel are not treating them fairly, are not likely to give all their empathy and effort to people rudely complaining due to the frustrations they feel in their own lives.

So, yes, customer service in theory is still easy. It’s just broken. Any company can easily fix it though, right?


For some companies, the issues run deep enough and the morale is so low that fixing things would take nothing short of a major overhaul of policies, staff, and even the leadership. As much as consultants and bloggers like to sell the quick fix, the bad news is that for that type of company, a major improvement in customer service will not come easily.

However, the good news is that it can be done. And for many companies, it can indeed be easier than they might think. While this is nowhere near exhaustive, here are four ways to fix customer service in your company.

  1. Let your customers and employees know change is coming, and why. Change management experts will tell you that people are always more accommodating and helpful when you keep them well informed. If they know what you’re trying to do, and how it will benefit them, they are much more likely to be patient, and will often even help you get there. But changes without explanations will only create more frustration and uncertainty.
  2. Cool the hot points. In any company, for any product or service, there will be five or six or seven issues that generate the majority of all complaints. Identify them, and establish streamlined methods for quickly wowing those customers. The goal here is to not just remedy their problems, but to turn those customer-service encounters into big wins for your company, your employee, and of course your customer. Now you’re creating evangelists for your brand.
  3. Track the issues and responses. In that second point, we noted that a small number of issues usually account for most of the company’s problems. However, if you also track the responses your company offers, you may be surprised to find that some of your policies may be creating their own complaints or bottlenecks. Identify the ones that turn your customer service into customer disservice, and fix them quickly. The needed changes may be surprisingly small, and the rewards surprisingly great.
  4. Consider outsourcing your customer service, at least temporarily. Some companies do a very commendable job of handling their customer service in house. Others just never seem to be able to make it work, or make it work cost-effectively. If you’re realizing that some serious overhauls are necessary, or if your customer service always seems to cost more than it should, consider an outsourced customer service call center. A management team that has succeeded in helping other companies turn things around to care for their customers cost effectively may be able to give you the insights and skill sets to do the same. They might even be able to do it for less cost than you would spend to handle things in house.

For virtually any company, customer service will never be easy and care free. But with a few strategic fixes, it may be a lot less stressful and more profitable than you might ever have believed. It’s time to get started.

Outsourcing your order-taking call center can bring in higher profits

Even online shoppers often still want the comfort that comes to speaking to a live order-taking contact center

Many shoppers still want the comfort of speaking to a live order-taking contact center

Whether your company brings in sales orders from a Website, TV advertising, radio ads, print catalog, or some other media, the success or failure of your entire marketing investment will hang in the balance at that precise moment when your customers hit Buy Now or pick up the phone to place their orders. The seconds that follow will tell you whether your purchasing process is helping you bring in the money… or costing you that entire investment.

A professional order-taking call center has the opportunity to not only bring in the sale, but to up-sell the customer to other items of interest. This is not the place to get things “almost” right. Your customers will not accept delays, unnecessary steps, confusing processes, or Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who are unfriendly, unsure, or difficult to understand. And given the level of competition that’s out there, they won’t have to. If they’re not impressed with your order-taking systems, they’ll soon be impressed with someone else’s.

Given so much being at stake and such high standards, how can you ensure your company will be one of those with success stories rather than tales of shopping woe?

Here are a few key things to keep in mind…

Order-taking call centers still preferred by many

How can you be confident your customers will not only buy, but will also come back and spread the word to others? One key step is to ensure you have an option to order by phone. Many customers still prefer to purchase by phone even when shopping online. Order-taking contact centers allow them to:

  • pinpoint details that they may not easily find online or in print.
  • find specifications or products suitable for their particular needs.
  • confirm that they like and want to deal with your company.
  • feel they can trust the people who will be handling their credit card and other personal information.

Speaking to an actual person will allow them to be confident that they are dealing with a company they can trust, possibly for many more purchases in the future. That’s why an order-taking call center can be an exceptionally valuable investment for your company.

Outsourced call centers can give you a competitive advantage

A qualified outsourced call center, staffed by well-trained professional agents, can significantly extend your capabilities. Best of all, it can do so without your needing to invest in finding, hiring and training new staff, purchasing new systems and software, renting or purchasing extra space, or making any of the other investments that go into the total cost of owning an in-house call center. Instead of diverting resources and energies into building such an operation, you’re able to benefit as seamlessly and quickly as possible from a trained and experienced call center team that can:

  • Handle inbound sales orders.
  • Up-sell and cross sell to other products that may be of real interest to customers.
  • Provide online live chat or webchat service using cutting-edge technologies.
  • Provide 24 x 7 x 365 service without extensive additional investments.
  • Deliver multilingual service without taking on large numbers of additional staff or costly infrastructure.
  • Confirm any needed buyer agreements or legal contracts are dealt with efficiently with as little time and confusion as possible.
  • Reward repeat customers with special offers or levels of service that they may not have even realized they were entitled to receive.
  • Assess your online or telephone purchasing systems as compared to industry standards, and offer strategic input on how to improve and streamline your processes.
  • Keep up to date on your product lines as well as industry trends and best practices, through ongoing professional training programs.
  • Provide order-taking methods to mesh seamlessly with a full range of credit card authorization systems, shipping and payment options, order fulfillment, shipping status inquiries, and product refunds or exchanges.

To help ensure these capabilities are available to you, the best outsourced order-taking call centers focus on finding, training and keeping well-trained agents, and may allow you to keep professionals handling your calls with far less turnover than you would be able to maintain in an in-house operation. That’s of vital importance to you. Your clients don’t want to deal with CSRs who are unsure of your product offerings or policies. The better trained your agents and the longer they have handled your particular product lines, the more confident you can be that you and your customers will be delighted with the results your order-taking call center delivers.

If you suspect your company could be getting better results, talk to a professional order-taking call center and ask about their range of services. Use the bulleted list above as a guideline. You may be surprised to find how quickly, easily, and cost-effectively your company can improve your sales.

Four reasons insurance call center outsourcing makes good sense

Like a eye is a window to a person's soul, a call center is a window to a company's soul

Just as an eye is the window to a person's soul, a call center is the window to a company's soul

Just like a person’s eyes are a window to his or her soul, your call center is the window to your company’s soul. Every day, an insurance company’s call center is the first point of contact for its customers, claim adjusters, brokers, and agents. Having a call center that not only connects people but impresses them with friendly and efficient agents will brighten the experience, build relationships, and tell those people a lot about what lies in your company’s soul.

With so much at stake, it’s surprising how often a call center is simply not given the priority it deserves. Skilled staff, new computers and up-to-date software with top monitoring and analytics capabilities are all expensive, but in the long run ignoring any of them can be much more expensive. Call center outsourcing can provide insurance companies with a way to gain the benefits while actually reducing costs. Here are four reasons insurance call center outsourcing can make very good sense:

1. Insurance customers are shopping around

Bad news! Customers are less loyal than ever.

Good news! Customers are less loyal than ever.

There’s no denying that it’s easier now than ever before to lose customers because another company’s rates are cheaper, their service is better, or their call center agents are more likable. But never forget that your competitors are in the same market, which means you can get their customers if your rates are cheaper, your service is better, or your call center agents are more likable. It’s not likely that you will be able to claim all three, but it is certainly strategic to focus on the ones where you can deliver a discernible advantage, and then do everything possible to make that advantage extraordinary.

As you already know, by the time customers hit the phones today they are likely to have already investigated a number of options online, and will be ready to make a decision quickly once they find a company that feels like a good fit. Having a professional call center on your side can improve your ability to win those new customers and keep existing ones. A properly integrated insurance call center gives you trained Customer Service Representatives who can courteously and efficiently handle customer inquiries and concerns.

2. An outsourced call center can reduce your total cost of ownership

Ultimately, a call center has to make sense financially. If there’s a more efficient way to operate any aspect of your business — as long as it doesn’t cost you in lost sales or reduced efficiencies in some other area — then it only makes sense to go with that option. That’s where many executives can be surprised when they take a good, in-depth look at the total cost of ownership of an in-house vs. outsourced call center. By the time all the costs of setting up, operating, supervising, and updating an in-house operation are considered, and then also calculating the total value of the added sales that an outsourced insurance call center can deliver, the case for outsourcing can be quite compelling. Professional call center agents and the right technologies can result in reduced call times and even fewer calls thanks to improvements in First Call Resolution, Customer Retention, and other key metrics. Your CSRs should be able to bring in or save more customers in the same amount of time. The improved efficiencies might even allow you to consider offering reduced rates, bringing in even more new customers. The possibilities are well worth checking out.

3. Outsourced call centers keep you on the cutting edge

This point is especially nice if you remember that last point as you read this. An outsourced call center should not only be able to reduce your costs, but should also give you access to cutting-edge systems and applications, as well as the latest call center best practices and principles of operation. Those all contribute to your call center’s Return on Investment (ROI).

Keeping a call center state of the art is expensive, year after year after year. Doing so for your own in-house operation can cost considerably more per station than it would be for a call center because you are unable to take advantage of the economies of scale that a larger operation can access. Security, system redundancy and disaster recovery are areas where the gap between in-house and outsourced call centers can be especially glaring… and dangerous. Outsourced operations will almost certainly have these locked down tight, while in-house centers may have trouble keeping up on the latest developments and requirements. Despite their best efforts, smaller in-house facilities will be especially challenged to keep the same level of call center management and technical staff as outsourced operations would have on hand.

Another point to consider is that a call center outsourcer will typically have seen a wide range of situations and processes and can best assess the technologies and investments that would be most suitable and efficient. Their teams should be available to meet with you to set up a workflow and ensure it is properly followed. They will typically also be committed to keeping up to date with new call center technologies and how to best implement them. While an in-house operation may be just one of many aspects of your business, an outsourced insurance call center will be focused solely on making that work the best it can be. You and your customers reap the benefits.

4. Outsourced call centers can improve your decision making

Decisions are crucial at every step of a call center’s operation. Agents dealing directly with each customer need to access past experiences without having to put that person on hold or keeping him or her waiting. The executive team needs to know current call center key performance indicators and new developments in the marketplace. The better your data and call center expertise, the better your decisions on each call and in the boardroom.

Precisely what roles are now filling your call center agents’ time? Whether they’re providing new quotes, signing up new customers, handling new claims inquiries, you’ll be able to monitor their performance, and identify activities requiring better training, and systems to better handle routine or repeated requests more efficiently.

For these and even more reasons, outsourced insurance call centers can be an excellent and very strategic long-term investment. If you have any comments on these points, please let us know below. And if you have any questions, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully helping you realize these benefits for your company!

Call center outsourcing for the insurance industry

Outsourced call centers can help deliver a competive advantage in the insurance industry

Outsourced call centers can help deliver a competive advantage in the insurance industry

In the past few years, insurance industry contact centers in North America have enjoyed a remarkable leap in consumer satisfaction ratings. In fact, according to CFI Group‘s Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2009, this sector “led by impressive gains in CSR satisfaction, high issue resolution and low perceived offshore service. Insurance CSRs score 86, putting them among the top of all industries measured.  The industry improves 5% from 2008 and a whopping 16% since 2007.”

Those are impressive numbers, and they demonstrate that call center standards for the insurance industry are among the highest anywhere. And that makes us even more proud when we say that Tacamor is meeting or even exceeding those expectations.

Experienced Insurance Call Centers

Tacamor is an outsourced customer service call center provider in Canada’s insurance industry. As part of this work, we handle incoming customer service issues such as billing inquiries, renewals, cancellations, and refunds, and outgoing calls to set up medical interviews for new accounts. A particular area of focus in this work has been customer retention, turning imminent cancellations into loyal customers, and turning our call center into an exceptional profit center.

Paying attention to those details has helped Tacamor establish ourselves as an exceptional call center outsourcer for the North American insurance industry. However, there are other aspects of our business model that also contribute to our success, and one of the most important of these is our status as a nearshore outsourced call center provider…

Nearshore Call Centers

Consistent with the survey results mentioned at the start of this post, Tacamor operates only nearshore call centers, with all our agents based in Canadian contact centers. This gives us several advantages in caring for our clients:

  • Our agents speak with a neutral English voice, although we also offer multilingual service in several languages.
  • Our agents are in North American time zones, making it easy for your customers to reach a friendly voice, and for your executive team to meet ours or visit our centers.
  • Fitting the image of friendly, helpful Canadians, our agents are exactly that! We take pride in the exceptional quality of CSRs, and are confident that you’ll be impressed too.
  • Our agent retention rates are exceptionally high, meaning your customer service team will be around long enough to build intimate familiarity with your offerings and policies.

Insurance has always been an exceptionally competitive field, and as the industry-wide standards of service continue to rise, it becomes more important than ever before for each company in the field to offer a level of customer service that actually becomes a strategic asset. Tacamor delivers at that level.

If you seek an outsourced insurance call center to not only deliver great service but to actually create a competitive advantage, talk to Tacamor.

Tacamor call centers are ready and able to be your company’s profit centers.

Customer service call centers: what makes a great one?

Customer service call center are made up of many diverse elements. Can you identify the keys to creating a great one?

Creating a great customer service call center requires all the right elements.

Your customer service call center takes you as close to the hearts and minds of your clients as anything ever could. This is where you’ll hear directly from the people who keep you in business, right when they’re most actively thinking about you and your product. Whether they’re just curious and wanting some help with a casual request, or twitching and shaking at the point of their greatest migrane-exploding frustration, those customers are moments away from speaking directly to your call center. That means your agents will soon be in the best place imaginable from a marketing and customer-service point of view. They’re going to catch the full wrath of your most angry customers, but will also be your best chance at turning those people’s frustrations into satisfaction, and your lost customers into lifelong fans.

This would be an excellent time to have a great call center. But exactly what is it that makes one great and another only average? Whether you have an in-house or outsourced contact center, we believe there are four essentials that you need to lock down tight:

1. Sparkling call center staff

As we’ve said before, having the right people is a critical element of a call center’s success. Fundamentally, you need nice people, who genuinely care about the customer and want to help. But they also need to be adequately trained and supported, both in the skills needed to be a professional call center agent, and in the details of your particular product and company policies. Ideally, you should also work with a call center that consistently hangs on to its agents rather than continually churning through new ones as soon as they finish their training and start to gain familiarity with you and your products. If any of those elements are missing, you, your customers, and your call center agents are all in for a rough ride.

2. Call center monitoring and reporting

Whether it’s your bowling score, or your EKG in the hands of your doctor, the more you know about what’s happening, the better you’re able to keep things moving as they should, and minimize problems quickly when things start moving as they shouldn’t. How well are your agents really performing? Are the problems that are generating your customers’ calls signs of a new trend or an underlying problem that has yet to become obvious? Proper monitoring and reporting let you see your center’s performance from many different angles, and give you the insights to make informed decisions. But… just like an EKG would look like gibberish to anyone with medical training, your call center metrics will be of limited value unless you have well trained call center managers. That should be a given with any reputable outsourced call center, but can often be missed or minimized when operating an in-house facility.

3. Stability and security

If companies stopped and looked inward, they might be surprised to see the vulnerabilities and challenges that will often be permitted in an in-house operation that would never be accepted if that same organization were dealing with an outsourced call center. A very high level of scrutiny will almost always takes place when companies assess the stability and security of an outsourcer, and that’s definitely wise. However, in-house operations often grow gradually and in response to a number of market or financial considerations, rather than as a result of a strategic selection process. As a result, anu weaknesses and vulnerabilities can also grow gradually and not even be recognized until a breach has occurred and angry customers — or the media and police — are calling. So identify the stability and security standards that you consider acceptable, and then make sure your in-house or outsourced call center measures up.

4. Optimized call center costs

This is another area where things can creep slowly out of control, and again the consequences can be very serious indeed. And as with stability and security, the performance of an in-house operation can often drop far below what would ever be accepted in an outsourced call center, due to the gradual nature of internal growth rather than the single moment of decision needed when outsourcing. This problem is compounded by the difficulty of determining the Total Cost of Ownership for an in-house facility. As a result, companies that choose to save money by keeping their operations in house will often end up spending more money than they would have if they had chosen the right outsourced call center. As any accountant would have told them, what you don’t know can indeed hurt you, and drain your cash flow.

There you have them: four elements that make a customer service call center great. Keep them on hand, and scrutinize your current in-house or outsourced operations regularly to make sure they measure up. And if you feel you need to improve your call center operations, Tacamor can help. We provide exceptional call center services to industry leaders across North America. Whichever avenue you choose to explore, we wish you all the best, and many happy customers!

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